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How do you update a logo for a french company promoting the recrutment of disable person?


FIH (France Integration Handicap)  is a company promoting the recrutement of people with disability, their main objectif is to change people idea about disability.


The CEO of FIH, initially created the original FIH logo. When FIH  started to developp. They realized that they would need a logo and a stronger brand identity, but they wanted to keep the same idea behind the original logo, and make people think.


We decided to combined the ‘F’ of France and the ‘H’ of handicap in the form of the french octagon and we haded a symbol of a person in the form of a I. By simply turning the marque 45 degrees, we had uncovered an image with the three letters we were searching for – and the angle added a useful sense of going forward.

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Client: France Interraction Handicap

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